About Me


I am Panchaleswar Nayak, a Cloud and Big Data infrastructure Specialist with more than 16 years of Experience in IT industry as Cloud, Big Data, Software Defined Datacentre(SDDC) with Converged IT Infrastructure (VCE’s VBlocks) related Pre-Sales engagements, program management , Solution Design and Architecting of Cloud and Big Data (Hadoop) in a large and complex global IT projects, Strong J2EE and Unix Programming Experience.

During the explosive growth of Virtualization I managed a large specialist team and solution architects for datacentre transformation in the field of Cloud and Big Data.My background and work made me a  technical expert in cloud and big data architecture, Desktop and Enterprise hardware, Account management, resource management for information technology infrastructures, Architecting Public & Private Cloud, Big Data Infrastructure, Virtualisation, Consolidation.

In recent years I have used this expertise to translate technology changes into business opportunity. I have done this as a trusted adviser . And also by guiding and assisting customer’s ambitious IT projects for global corporations involving IT systems implementations of IaaS, PaaS, Backup as a Service, Storage as a Service.

I enjoy technology and its impact on business and individuals. I am delighted to have the opportunity to present on stage and I love being the first person to present a new technology to individuals. I like leading from the front and getting my hands dirty on new toys, both hardware and software.

I believe the internet is the greatest electronics accomplishment in my lifetime but Big Data will change and surprise all of us again.


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