CI/CD for Microservices Using Jenkins and Kubernetes

Run a Kubernetes Cluster

For simplicity we ll run a singlenode cluster named minikube on windows platform using virtualbox

Install Virtualbox

Download Virtualbox from the following URL or the latest from

Install on your windows machine. i.e laptop or desktop.

Download Minikube from here

Save it to the following directory


Rename the executable as minikube.exe

Download the kubernates CLI “kubectl” from the following URL

Save the file kubectl.exe to D:\blog-microservices\bin

Download “Helm” for windows,helm is the package manager for Kubernetes and managed by CNCF ( and save it to D:\blog-microservices\bin directory.

Add the directory D:\blog-microservices\bin to the system path as follows

Start Minikube

Open command prompt and enter the following command

D:\blog-microservices>minikube start (if you have 8 GB of total memory in your laptop or dektop)

D:\blog-microservices>minikube start –memeoy 8192 –cpus 2 (if you have 16GB of main memory in your laptop or desktop)

Test Minikube by executing the following commands

D:\blog-microservices>minikube status

or D:\blog-microservices>kubectl get cs (cluster status)

D:\blog-microservices>minikube dashboard (to see default kubernates dashboard)

Now you can execute the kubernetes CLI kubectl,go ahead and test the CLI

D:\blog-microservices>kubectl get nodes

Install Jenkins on Kubernetes

Create persistent volume for the Jenkins master

Install Sping IDE for java Springboot App

download the IDE from here

For installing Jenkins on your laptop or Desktop please visit my YouTube channel for CI/CD.

I ll post next part of this Blog tomorrow.



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