#YesWeCan – Letter to our PM Nerendra Modi

Dear @NarendraModi Ji,
Last night I was listening to your #MannKiBaat on youtube,it was quite interesting and appealing too. I found you have asked everybody to participate and share their thoughts on #MannKiBaat and #YesWeCan.

After listening to your conversation with ordinary citizens of India along with US President @BarackObama ,suddenly one thing struck to my mind which I am thinking for sometimes now.

Before sharing my thoughts let me tell you one of my own experience which changed my thought process and belief about our own Indian Medicine system and ancient India.

Right now I am based out of Phoenix,Arizona ,USA,but originally from a small town in the Indian state of Odisha.Sometimes in 1996 – 97 when I was studying in Chennai and I suffered from Jaundice,after struggling for a month I returned to my home town so that my parents can take care of me.

I went to a Govt hospital at Dhenkanal, Odisha and the doctor prescribed medicines for another 2 month, but to my surprise when I went to purchase those medicines from a medical store near by,the owner of the store suggested not to buy those medicines from him but to go to a person who can cure me in less than 24hrs without any cost.I smiled at him and said I am not a fool to believe in your story that some one can cure jaundice in less than 24hrs.

Are you mad ? Jaundice can be cured in less than 24hrs ?

He said his own brother was cured from advance stage of jaundice ,when they were planning to admit him to AIIMS, Delhi for blood dialysis,but before going to Delhi they just tried as last option and that man cured him in less than 24 hrs.He asked me not to buy medicines from him for jaundice but after getting cured,I should come to him and buy other medicines from him in future.

It was convincing and I thought to give it a try.

The person he suggested me to go was the then chief priest of Jaggnath temple at Tigiria,Odisha,not the famous puri temple.Tigiria is a small town near Dhenkanal.



Day 1 : around 11 am

The same day I went to Tigiria’s Jaggnath temple and I saw there are good number of people fomed a line and I stood to meet the priest ,all are jaundice patients.I stood in the line to meet him.

When my turn came I saw the man is old ,perhaps in his 70s with a typical Indian Village attire, I don’t think he was educated enough,but was decent, humble with a great confidence on his face with the satisfaction of curing the disease,there was no chair or table,he was sitting on ground,there was younger assistant for him,he asked me my problem and then started preparing his medicine. I wanted to see what he is preparing as I din’t believe him totally.

So in front of me he prepared and took 2 – 3 Ridge Gourd seeds and one tea spoon of curd and rubbed the outer black layer of seed with one of his finger on a plane stone with the curd.Then throw away the white portion of the seeds,The white colored curd became black.


He asked me to lie down with face up,then he administrated that black colored curd ,half tea spoon to each of my nostril and asked me to inhale the solution so that it goes towards my fore head rather than my lungs.Thats it.

He didn’t accept any payment that we offered,he politely declined and said he does not do it for money.If I am interested then I can donate something for the goddess Durga he was worshiping in that small hurt.

I came back Dhenkanal town to my sister’s home and found that I am developing severe cold and yellow colored mocus formed inside my nose and started coming out.Next day I found I am feeling better but not cured from Jaundice.So I decided to go back to the priest again and ask why I am not cured and it didn’t work for me as he claimed.

Day 2 : Around 11 am

I went Tigiria again and met him at the temple ,when he saw me again and found that I came back to him ,he got a bit irritated,he said I should have waited 2 -3 days more before coming back.

But then he prepared the same solution ,but this time with more Ridge Gourd Seeds perhaps 4 to 5,and 2 tea spoon of curd.I understood he gave me a stronger dose this time.He gave me a bowl of curd and asked me to eat the curd after taking a full bath with cold water.Also he asked me not to eat raw rice,non-veg, sag (leafs) for one week.And I can eat anything else I wish to including masala curry,in india doctors advice not to eat masala and particularly turmeric,he reasoned if I don’t eat properly I ll be weak.

Around 1 pm :

While returning back I developed severe cold and my head was very heavy,I was feeling uneasy,after returning back to Dhenkanal I took a full bath and had my launch ,some rice and the curd given by the priest.I could not eat fully as yellow colored water started running out of my nose.I developed fever and had little vomiting also.

As my condition deteriorated my sister asked my brother in law to take me to my home town to be with my parents.

Around 8 pm :

Evening I came back to my home town,that time my condition was really bad with fever,severe cold ,heavy head,running nose with yellow colored water.I could take very little dinner.My parents started worrying about me by seeing my condition.

12 midnight :

Around 12 midnight my condition further deteriorated ,the water flow from my nose was nonstop,if I lowered my head it was like two water streams coming out my nose.I had a thick towel it was totally wet with yellow colored water.Literally so much of water was coming out of my nose that I could squeeze the towel and water was coming from that.There was a continuous flow of yellow water.

From midnight to around 4 am :

My condition deteriorated and I could not tolerate the pain,I was feeling like any moment my head is going to burst.So much of heaviness and pain.Then I thought may be the priest gave me something bad and I am going to die tonight.I even said this to my mother that I may die tonight,as I can’t tolerate the pain in my head.I may stop breathing any moment,my mother didn’t sleep whole night and watching me helplessly,as there was no emergency clinic or hospital open that time of night.Even I started scolding the old priest (I regret it).

Around 4 am :
Slowly pain and heaviness of head reduced,I felt better and better,yellow water flow slowly reduced.

Around 7 AM morning :

There was no water flow from nose,only little mocus,my eyes were completely normal,no symbol of any yellow color in my whole body.There was no pain.

Around 10 am : I was feeling completely out of jaundice like I was one and half months earlier.

Yes I was out of jaundice in less than 24 hrs.Was it a miracle ? No, I don’t think so,it was not a miracle but nothing less than a miracle too.

I told my experience to one doctor in Bangalore ,he thought I am making a story,he didn’t believe me and said bring this man and I can give him a Nobel prize if he can cure jaundice in less than 24hrs and I am sure ,many who read this letter including you sir,will not believe too,but yes I am the proof I have experienced it,my parents, my sister and brother in law are the witness ,we know how it happened.

I believe ,It was not any supernatural power of him nor any miracle,but the respected ,humble and honest priest knew a medicine which the present medical fraternity of the world do not know.

Still many people of Odisha in Sambalpur district are suffering from jaundice ,it became a mater of concern for Odisha govt and central govt too.



But I am afraid the respected priest is no more and perhaps the knowledge of the medicine is gone with him as well,I heard his son is giving the medicine now but it’s not so effective as it used to be when his father was giving.

So what is the intention of telling my experience here ?

I appeal to you Sir,do something for these unsung heroes of India.lets take some steps to do some research on the techniques of these unfamiliar and unconventional medicines which really do wonder and miracles.

I know some will call them “Andh Vishwas” ,yes I too know some Andh Vishwas present in our Indian society.But there are some genuine people are there who knows some invaluable things.And we need to have something for them.May be we can find something which the world has not seen yet.As I believe ancient India was much more advanced than rest of the world.

Here is my analysis,why it didn’t work for me on first day ?

Because first day the priest didn’t give me the right amount of dose.

And Why I suffered with unbearable pain on the 2nd day and I felt like dying ?

May be second day ,it was a overdose for me.

So we,the modern world ,if we can do some research on this drug and find the perfect solution and dose then I am sure we can get ride of and can find a new medicine for this dreaded disease.

I have heard of many unconventional way of treatment present in different part of India for different disease ,instead of just calling them “Andh Vishwas” let’s give some platform to demonstrate their talent in public with govt support and do some research on them to refine those methods and drugs so that we all can be part of such miracles and revive our ancient and advanced treatment methods instead of just depending on the research of the western world.I am not telling western world is not advance in terms of medicine,but we also can have our own ways too.



Panchaleswar Nayak

Readers of this letter ,request you to share this as much as possible.If you know or experienced anything different and unconventional way of treating a different disease please share it and write your own experience.

Warning : Do not to try the method I explained here at home,it can be dangerous for you,I am no way responsible of the outcomes if you try out this method for curing jaundice.If you want to try, you can contact the priest (son of the priest who treated me) of the Lord Jagannath Temple, Tigiria, Odisha,India.



One thought on “#YesWeCan – Letter to our PM Nerendra Modi

  1. sambit15k says:

    ‪#‎yeswecan‬ ,wow ,nice inspiring story , i believe in all the myth story & andhvishwas .when i was studying in 5th class i had remembered that i got caught by a ghost , but a priest had given me some juice of leaves & roots to cure me ,& the next day i was fully cured , belive in society , hope all indian scientists will create some medicine to cure cancer & ebola disease . yes we indian can do anything ,thank u mamu for sharing a great story of your life , it was just an inspiring story for me ,


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