The Future Application Platform.

I believe we are fortunate enough to see a dramatic way the compute world is changing.Let me tell you the way I was introduced to virtualization, the technology which is so strong,futuristic that changed the whole way of looking computing.

Who believed 10- 15 years back virtualization will lead to such a drastic change in  the computing world.

When I heard of VMware product “VMware Workstation” some 12 years back,someone just introduced to me that there is way two or more operating systems can run simultaneously in the same computer,I was aware of and implemented also, partitioning the disk with multiple OS and running Windows and Linux in different harddisk partition.But only one OS could run at any point of time.

That time linux was a hit and many in Bangalore was temped to learn it,I remember,When I was a guest lecturer for “Operating System”to Department of Electronics, BMS college of Engneering,I introduced linux to students and Installed Redhat Linux in one of the Lab there.

And then many students copied the disk from me,I had a dual boot system in that Lab.

And I am surprised to see the development of Virtulization and its impact on the IT industry and  the way computing is going to change.

In my blog I am going to write different aspect of Cloud Computing and the contribution of Virtualization technology in the development of could concept.


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